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Car Bill of Sale

Whenever you sell or buy a car, especially buying or selling a used car, you should always use a car bill of sale form.

A car bill of sale form is a legal document which a seller uses to transfer the ownership of a car to a buyer. It is very important to notice that the car bill of sale is just an evidence for transferring the right to ownership, the actual ownership is represented in the car’s certificate of title. For that reason, both bill of sale for car and certificate of title are necessary to complete the transfer of the car.

Both buyer and seller must sign the car bill of sale. Normally, the seller prepare the car bill of sale form. However, it is perfectly acceptable for the buyer to draft the document. Both parties must keep a signed copy of the bill of sale for their records after the transfer of the vehicle.

To help you speed up the transfer and save time drafting a car bill of sale, we provide you with many ready-to-use bill of sale for car forms below. You just need to download, fill out necessary information, print and sign.