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Texas Bill of Sale Form

Texas Bill of Sale Form
A bill of sale is a legal document that can be used in the private sales transaction to transfer the ownership of a private property e.g., a used car, a boat, a motorcycle, etc., from a seller to a buyer. If you are living in Texas, you can use Texas bill of sale form to complete the transfer.

The Texas bill of sale form comes to handy when you are buying or selling a vehicle privately. It includes all necessary information that you need to fill out such as:

  • Complete name and address of both buyer and seller
  • Detailed information of the vehicle that is being sold such as vehicle identification number (VIN), model, color, make, etc.,
  • Date of the transaction and amount paid
  • Signature of both parties

Both buyer and seller should always keep a copy of the bill of sale after complete the transfer. This will protect both parties from future issues.

It is perfectly acceptable to draft a bill of sale from scratch. However, you can use a ready-made bill of sale form to save time. You can use our bill of sale forms for selling or buying the corresponding items:

Besides those bills of sales forms, you can also use the one that is provided by Jefferson County for transferring vehicle. Notice that this bill of sale form can be used in any county in Texas.


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