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Horse Bill Of Sale Form

Horse Bill Of Sale Form

You can download a free horse bill of sale form to create your own bill of sale for horse quickly and easily.

Whether you are buying or selling a horse, it is important that you utilize a horse bill of sale form. A bill of sale is simply a legal document that is given to the purchaser by the seller. It is confirmation that property was passed from one person to another and is covered by the sales of good law and the common contract law.

It is beneficial to both the buyer and seller to have a bill of sale. For one thing, this legal binding contract will set forth terms on both the buyer’s and seller’s side alike. It protects the buyer by ensuring that they are getting what they paid for, in this case, a horse hopefully free of disease. If the animal proves not to meet conditions clearly stated on the document, the buyer is allotted a certain amount of time to return the horse for a refund. The seller is also protected by placing the burden of responsibility of the horse clearly on the buyer. If there are to be payments made, the seller will be able to take back possession of the horse if the buyer fails to pay in a timely manner.

It is important that all essential information is included on the bill of sale to make it a binding contract. This information includes both the buyer’s and seller’s current address and phone number. All known information about the horse should also be included, such as the horse’s name, sex, registration number, appearance and color (including markings, brandings, or scars), date of birth, and parents’ names and registration numbers. Another vital piece of information to include is the selling price of the horse. All warranty and refund information should be spelled out clearly on the bill of sale. It should also be made clear that the buyer is responsible for providing adequate feed, sheltering and veterinary care. Lastly, both parties involved in the transaction, along with a witness, should sign and date the bottom of the horse bill of sale form.

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