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Gun Bill Of Sale Form

Gun Bill Of Sale Form
In the US, it is legal to possess a firearm and also sell or buy it in private sales. In case you want to buy or sell a firearm, you must follow the Gun laws in the US and you must also prepare a gun bill of sale form.

Basically, a bill of sale of a gun is a legal document that outlines information about the transfer of the firearm from the seller to the buyer. Unlike other kinds of bill of sale such as a bill of sale for a used car, a bill of sale for a gun has specific guidelines that are set by the state’s law. This is to ensure that guns are on the right hands. Besides that, other details are similar to a general bill of sale.

Notice that some states in the U.S. e.g., UTA, do not allow the resident to sell any firearm to non-resident in a private sale except that a Federal Firearms Licensee conducts the transfer. Please check it our your state’s law carefully before conducting the private sales of a firearm. For example, if you are living in California, you can check out the common questions and answers regarding the firearm sales in California.

Essential information on the gun bill of sale

As you may guess, there are some important details that you should have before filling out the form. There should be the fields for filling out the firearm details such as make, model, serial no (S/N), and caliber. Both the seller and the buyer should confirm this information before filing out on the form.

Other details that you should pay attention to including details of both the seller and the buyer. In addition, there is more specific information about the buyer’s disclaimer about himself.

The importance of the gun bill of sale form

The gun bill of sale form is very important to both buyer and seller. It saves both parties all kinds of trouble associated with the firearm.

As the seller, you should always make sure that the buyer signs the bill of sale before you hand over him the firearm. By doing this, you can avoid many future issues that may happen to the firearm. For example, police may find that the firearm, which you are selling, ends up at a crime scene and knock on your door, you can hand over the bill of sale to them and point them the buyer. Because the bill of sale will save you all kinds of trouble, you should keep it somewhere safe and easy-to-find place and do not throw it away. You never know that one day you might need it.

As the buyer, if you find that the seller is not giving you the bill of sale, it is advisable that you should not complete the transaction. Also, the bill of sale is important in case you are required to give the proof of ownership.

Download bill of sale for gun

Because you are here to download the gun bill of sale, you are one step closer to protect yourself. Why don’t you download the printable gun bill of sale form below to prepare the bill of sale to complete the transaction.

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