Bill Of Sale for Mobile Home

A mobile home bill of sale is one of the most important legal documents needed if you are interested in buying or selling a mobile home. It serves as a proof that you own the property and is also required by some states when you will be transferring your mobile home.

It has always been a good practice to have any sales transaction in a formal written document especially if it involves a change in ownership rights and more so if it entails a huge amount of money. It guarantees both the buyer and seller that the exchange transfer is valid and legal and it also protects both their rights as legitimate parties to the transaction.

A good bill of sale for mobile home should include the following components:

  • Sales price of the mobile home including the amount paid on the day of the transaction if buyer is paying in installments
  • Complete name and address of the seller and the buyer
  • Specifications of the mobile home (e.g. manufacturer, model, serial number, size, year manufactured, current location of home)
  • Fixtures, Accessories and Equipment included in the sales price
  • A statement that the property is free from lien and/or encumbrances
  • Warranties if there is any or SOLD AS IS if none
  • Date of the transaction
  • Signature of an Attorney or a Notary Public if applicable

Please note that in some states, a certificate of title may be required together with a bill of sale to complete the sale of a mobile home. Once it is completely signed, the buyer must maintain the original and give a copy to the seller for his reference. He can then take the bill of sale to his local department for motor vehicles and have the mobile home transferred under his name. You may check out with your local department for additional forms to accomplish. Always keep this simple procedure in mind when investing on a mobile home. This will surely keep you away from headaches in advance.

Download the bill of sale for mobile home to make your own bill of sale fast and easily.