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Arizona Bill Of Sale Form

Arizona bill of sale form

If you are selling a used vehicle in Arizona, you will need to have a printable Arizona bill of sale form.

In general, a bill of sale is a legal document that records the detailed information about the transferring of ownership of a valuable personal property such as used vehicle, boat, trailer, etc., between the seller and the buyer.

The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) in Arizona does not require a bill of sale to transfer a title of the vehicle however it does provide a free printable bill of sale.

It is highly recommended that you as the seller to use the bill of sale to protect yourself and the buyer from any future disputes.

In case you use the state-approved bill of sale, you will notice that the bill of sale just asks for the seller’s signature, while other States require the signatures from both buyer and sellers.

In addition, the seller’s signature must be notarized, or need a signature from an MVD agent. Another information on the Arizona bill of sale is quite standard including the following elements:

  • Buyer and seller’s information: name, mailing address, driver license number, date of birth, city, zip code and state.
  • Vehicle information: VIN, year, make, body style.
  • Sale date and sale payment amount.
  • Signature of the seller and notary signature.

Both you and the buyer should retain a copy of the bill of sale in a safe place. As the buyer, you must receive the title of the vehicle together with the bill of sale to complete the sale.

As you may notice this is not the AS IS bill of sale, therefore, it may create issues in case the vehicle has any damages or faults after the sale. If you want to have a higher protection level, you can use the used car bill of sale form, which states clearly that the vehicle is sold AS IS.

In addition, Arizona bill of sale can be used only for vehicle sales. In case you sell or buy other assets such as a boat, trailer, snowmobile, mobile home, gun, etc., we have the corresponding bill of sale for each of them such as boat bill of sale, motor vehicle bill of sale, gun bill of sale, etc.

If you don’t find anything that suits your need, you can download the blank bill of sale form and modify it based on your requirements.

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